Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"Lunch time and I don´t have time to go back home. So, what do I do?", I asked myself.

There are a lot of small restaurants in El Alto with different menus at different prices and I decided to find some hot soup. I said, “I will look for Chairo Paceño”. And What is Chairo Paceño? Chairo is a traditional soup in La Paz. It is based on charque, charque is dried lama meat which gives a special taste to this soup. Lately, a lot of charque is exported abroad because lama meat has a low level of cholesterol.

Other important part of this soup is chuño. Chuño is potatoe to which water has been taken out through a freezing process done in winter time here in June. The preparation includes fresh potatoe and vegetables which will have to be cooked for about 45 minutes or more.

After walking for a while I finally found the right place for my lunch. This time, I paid 3 bolivianos for this soup, but it can be 5 or more depending on the restaurant.

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