Friday, March 14, 2008


Last Wednesday I was going to Jesus de Machaqa, which is a town approximately three hours from El Alto. Jesus de Machaqa is an aymara rural town. On the way to this place there were a lot of little towns. One of these was, Yauri Qurawa . There, there was a Feria, a feria is generally done is the square of the town to sell and buy or change products as potatoes, fresh cheese, onion, milk and sometimes there are lamas, cows, pigs. An inhabitant from that area told me that there is Feria each Wednesday and that she goes there to buy vegetables brought from other town, Qurpa.

It was a nice experience to be in this Feria. As it was early in the morning, I found a woman collecting milk from the generous cow. After a short time, I had to say goodbye to this place because I was still far from Jesus de Machaqa.

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