Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Walking down the mains streets in La Paz, one finds young boys and girls who are known as zebras. Dressed in the white and black suit they call the attention of people sometimes with funny movements. They are in La Paz for about four years ago and it is the only place within Bolivia where one can find these zebras. They have this name because they have a zebra appearance. Some years ago the La Paz Major created this group of people that could help to organize the chaotic traffic in La Paz. They are on the streets for about eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. Some people finds them funny, others think they are helpful but the truth is that they have become part of daily life in La Paz.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for this post Cristina. That is a novel idea and your Zebras certainly look better than our traffic policemen in Bahrain!

Cristina said...

Thanks to you. I am starting this.
And how is traffic in Bahrain?

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