Saturday, March 29, 2008


I always think on going to visit the small towns located around Titikaka Lake in both sides: the Bolivian and Peruvian side. Although it is necessary to point out that all the area around this lake is from the same origin: indigenous aymaras.

I decided to go to Pomata. I departed from La Paz 8:30 and I arrived to the bolivian-peruvian border at 10:00. There I found to Jaime, a friend who was born in Pomata. He told that there was a place which could be interesting for me. Ok, I said anxious to know what that was. We got to Pomata, we went into the church and he showed me the place.

“Look, here there are stairs. These stairs take to tunnels that go under the lake and take to Cuzco”, he said.

“Oh, there is a tunnel at San Francisco church in La Paz, too”, I replied.

This was not the first time that I had listened this story. It is repeated in various places. This is something not solved yet. There is a mystery that surround the lake, mystery that could be solved in the following years. It is said that there is a city under the lake and that there are a lot of tunnels that connect the ancient important cities.

This short entrance in the picture is on the floor and I could see some stairs but I can´t assure where they conduct.


David Sasaki said...

That's so fascinating about the ancient city under the lake. Is it described in any web pages?

jogany said...


I put a lot of efforts in reading your spanish blogs regularly but feel too shy to post on them...
This story is really funny and I'm sure many naive tourists would believe in it!

Kepp up the great blogging,


Cristina said...


There are some web pages that describe this. I think I will write more about this.


Nicholas said...

I hope you do write more about the tunnels, Cristina--I wonder if you could find someone who has actually gone down the stairs to see where they lead?


Cristina said...

A book has been written about tunnels here. But the person that was able to see a tunnel in one place near Titicaca Lake has not gone back there for long time.
I don´t know the reason.

Kind regards,

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