Thursday, May 1, 2008

A rural town

Last Wednesday I was in Pajana, a little rural town near Titicaca Lake. There, I found to Victor Taquile. He told me he is 77 years old and that he lives with his wife in that town. “My daughter lives in La Paz and my sons in Lima”, he said.
I asked him to take a picture. Fortunately, he allowed me to take the picture.

I had a had work trying to find a person in that town. Finally, I couldn´t and I had to go back. When walking in the town I saw a man coming with two donkeys carrying totora on their backs. Totora is a kind of plant that grows in the lake and is used to feed cows.


Denise said...

I love these two photos and I love your description of the little town.

I'm subscribing to your blog now. The images and descriptions are wonderful.

Cristina said...

Thank you for visiting this blog.

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