Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Copacabana is a town within Titicaca Lake. It is highly visited by nationals and foreigners. From this place, one may take a boat to go to the Sun and Moon Islands or to other places within the lake.
Each year on May 2 and 3 they celebrate a big event that joins folkoric groups: morenadas, tinkus, cullaguada, llamerada, etc. All the groups start dancing on the main square of Copacabana and they go dancing for about five blocks. They go up to a hill named Qolqepata. Qolqepata is an aymara word that means the place of the money. There, dancers pray and ask for prosperity.


Nicholas said...

Why does the event happen on 2 and 3 May? Is it tied to some older tradition? And I'd like to learn more about the different groups, their costumes and dances and rituals, etc.

Cristina said...

It is related with agricultural process. This month people in rural areas collects products from the mother land: potatoes por example. Then, it is said, time of abundance and a good moment to thank for the abundance and to ask for future prosperity too.

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