Sunday, March 1, 2009


It is my 85th. post since last year. Last February 28th. Indigenous Bolivia was born far from the place where I live now. Thanks a lot to the people that pushed me to start blogging in English.
From the beginning, I had one idea in my mind, to write about my indigenous origen and my culture. It is very important for me to continue writing about the different events, life, music, dance, etc.

I start a new year, a second year. I feel really happy.

Thank you very much for visiting this blog and you are always welcome.

¡Jallalla Indigenous Bolivia!


Romi said...

Felicitaciones! Many congratulations on this eventful milestone! Your blog is one that chronicles the truth of your surroundings and I know that your voice will only get stronger as time passes. I look forward to reading many more posts from you - and to hopefully see you again very soon!
Un abrazo, Romi

Cristina said...


Thanks a lot. This motivates me to continue writing here.


Jillian said...

Happy blog birthday, Cristina! I remember very clearly when you started this blog - right after we all met you for the first time in Miami! I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past year and I look forward to another!

Un abrazo,

Cristina said...


It is nice to read your words. Thank you.


Rezwan said...

Happy anniversary! I think I am a bit late to wish but better late then never. :) I am an avid reader of your blog and learning many things about your culture.

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