Sunday, March 22, 2009


For the first time in the history of Bolivia, culture acquired a important place within the structure of the Bolivian State. Called before Viceministry of Cultures, it became Ministry of Cultures since last February with two Viceministries: Viceministry of Decolonization and Viceministry of Interculturality. A month later, March 6th. members of two indigenous peoples were named as Viceministers, ceremony that took place at Government House. With the presence of President Evo Morales, Vice President, Alvaro Garcia, Minister of Cultures, Pablo Groux, an indigenous aymara historian, Roberto Choque Canqui, and an indigenous quechua economist, Esthela Vargas, were officially designated as Viceministers.
During his speech, President Morales, said that the new authorities have a challenge and huge responsabilities with the country, which seeks to include indigenous peoples and non indigenous people in order to have a unified country. He added that, all of us are native, some are millennial natives in reference to indigenous peoples that inhabited these lands since ancient times and others are contemporary natives.

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