Monday, February 9, 2009


Last January 25th. bolivians voted for a New Constitution. According to official results option Yes to this New Constitution won with more than 60% of support from the population. So, last Saturday President Evo Morales promulgated this Constitution in El Alto in the middle of a huge quantity of people who came from the indigenous communities and from other cities of Bolivia.
Last Constitution was made in 1967 and a partial reform was made in the 90' s. So, it was important to have a new document that includes indigenous peoples for the first time in the history of Bolivia.
There has been a long process to arrive to this moment in the history of this country. Silvia Lazarte, a woman from indigenous quechua origin, had an important role as President of Constituent Assembly where about more than 100 members elected by population worked to built a new Constitution.

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