Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The first Bolivian Voices Summit took place last weekend in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Bolivian Voices started its activities more than a year ago in order to give voice to underrepresented groups in Bolivia.

Bolivian Voices Director, Eduardo Avila, organized this event where me and other members participated. During three days, people that participated since 2007 in the workshops to learn how to use blogs to show and share information about our cultures, about daily life, etc. in different cities within Bolivia, were able to have this meeting.

It was important for me to participate in this Summit, since it was an opportunity to know other bloggers from Bolivia and work together to analyze what has been done up to now and what else could be done in the future.

One of the activities was a workshop for new bloggers. I found this really interesting, because I met three people who play folk music and I was happy to help them to open their blogs. With the help of Eliana from La Paz, it was also possible to train them how to use twitter.

A public session, a workshop for new bloggers, a sessión only for members of Bolivian Voices, I think was an adecuate combination of activites planned for this succssesful event.

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Pat said...

Congratulations to Bolivia from Ireland!

Are there any links to President Morales' recent statements and assessments?

Any links to good commentary on them in English?

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