Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am between Street 2 and Kilometer 7 Avenue in El Alto. All this area is also known as Ceja and here we can find a lot of things. Small businesses of any kind, orange juice sellers, fruit sellers, bread sellers, food sellers, etc.

Among these, there is this small shop that sells Cd´s, Dvd´s. All this material is known as "pirata", because they are non authorized copies of the original, and due to that they are sold at low prices. To increase its sales, owners of this type of business, install a Tv and show films or material that may be attractive as in this case. If it is very interesting, a crowd of people use to stand from the beginning until the end of the film.


Nicholas said...

Hi, Cristina--what kinds of films do people in El Alto like most?

(I have just finished reading a book called The Old Patagonian Express, by the American writer Paul Theroux. He writes about a long journey he made by train all through Central and South America. The chapter on Bolivia was enriched for me by the descriptions and photos of your country that you have posted on this blog. Thank you!)

Cristina said...

I think that especially onn the streets, men like box. There is always big groups of people watching box in front of the small tv´s on the main avenues or streets of El Alto.
Thanks a lot for taking into account the descriptions and pictures.


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