Monday, July 28, 2008


A last minute decision took me to the Titicaca Lake again last July 25th. I had waited for a long time to stay in the Sun Island and to celebrate my birthday was the reason than motivated me to go to this place.

I arrived to Copacabana at about 3 in the afternoon. I had the fortune to find a boat which took me to the Sun Island where I arrived about 2 hours later. But, I was left in other community different from the habitual place where boats arrive, so I had to take a walk up a hill for about one hour and a half.

Saturday, I decided to go the the northern part of the Island where there are some Inca ruins, called Chinkana or Laberynth built completely on stone. It takes about three hours to go there walking. One can take a boat to return more or less at 13:30 but me and a swiss girl, Nicole, whom I met on my way to Chinkana, went back walking taking other way which was Challapampa and Challa. Neither me nor her, took into account the time, and we stayed on a white sand beach in Challapampa and then we decided to visit a very interesting local Museum which includes pieces of Tihuanacu culture found on the depths of Titicaca Lake.

We started walking again, but night came soon and we had to walk in the middle of the mountains accompanied by the wind, the shining stars and a small lantern.

Picture1. It is the northern part of the Island and the stone way leads to Challapampa town.


David Sasaki said...

Happy belated birthday Cristina! When I go to Bolivia I definitely want to visit Sun Island. Is it possible to go swimming in the water in Challapampa?

j9 said...


Sounds like a great way to have spent your birthday! Thanks for the post and the photo!


Cristina said...

Thank you. I was really happy to stay in Sun Island. When we arrived to Challapampa, we saw children swimming there.
Water was fresh and sand was warm.


Yes, it was a nice experience which I will remember for ever.
Thanks for visiting this blog.


Preem Rust said...

Found this post via David. I always wanted to visit Lake Titicaca. Now I have added Sun Island to my list too. Thanks for posting this.

Cristina said...

preem rust,

Thanks a lot. To be in the middle of Lake Titicaca is very nice. I am sure you will have a good time going there.

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