Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday in Achacachi

Last Sunday I visited again Achacachi. Every Sunday the main square of Achacachi is crowded by a lot people that come from the other rural towns such as Ancoraimes, Huata, Warisata. Achacachi is one of the privileged rural towns that surround Titicaca Lake.

Early in the morning they collect fish from the lake and sell it on the local market. In the picture we see to a little aymara girl selling ispi. Ispi is a kind of fish highly appreciated by people. One can buy fresh or dried ispi. In the second picture the seller is offering dried ispi. This dried ispi has a name in native language, aymara, which is p´ap´i. We obtain p´ap´i by putting a lot of salt to the fresh ispi and we make them dry in the sun.

"¿How much does the bunch cost?", I asked

"One boliviano", the seller answered.

I bought a bunch of ispi and continued my visit to this town.

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