Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today there was an important show at Murillo´s Square in La Paz, Bolivia. All the artists: musicians, poets, painters were celebrating their day. There I met Sergia Llanos. She was born in Tomás Frías Province in Potosi which is mainly inhabited by indigenous quechuas well known by their music and dances.

Sergia Llanos told me that she has about 25 years singing. She also said that she composes music and the lyrics of the songs. Up to now she has recorded 60 discs and dvd´s.

“¡That´s a lot, I said!”.

“Yes, My music is not well known here in La Paz, but I am mainly listened in Sucre, Potosi and Cochabamba”, she said.

Sergía´s daughters are following her steps, Celia, a young girl and Rossy who is 10 years old. She says that Rossy is becoming famous in Potosi because of her talent and voice.

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