Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This morning Education Minister announced a Decree that benefit all Bolivian students. According to this Decree about 160.000 students this year will receive their bachellor diplomas free. In Bolivia, one has to go to school for 12 years: 8 years at primary school and 4 years at secondary school. After that, one receives a diploma, which is an important document to continue studies at the universities.
When I finished school I had to follow a lot of procedures to obtain this diploma: first at my school, then at Education Minister and finally at the local public university. This meant for me to spend a lot of money and a lot of time. I know a lot of people that although they finished school they couldn´t obtain that document mainly because of the lack of money. I remember that all the procedure to obtain that diploma was a complete nightmare in that moment. Situation was worse for students from rural areas because they had to go to the cities to make this procedure.
But, now, according to this Decree, students will receive their diplomas at their schools at the end of school year which is in December. There used to be a lot of complications to obtain this document in the previous years. I think that with this Decree a lot of students will benefit not only this year but also in the future. It is a door that opens an opportunity to continue higher studies.
Other Decree announced by Health Minister, says that from now on, the private and public health insurance covers people until they are 25 years old. Before, health insurance was only until 18 years old. Minister said that this Decree has the objetive that universty students or students from technological and other institutes could benefit with the extension of health insurance.

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