Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday, early in the morning President Evo Morales, Vicepresident Alvaro Garcia, all the Ministers and Viceministers departed from Tiquina Strait to Sun Island in Titicaca Lake on a ship built by the loca navy. The purpose of this travel along the Lake was twofold. For one part, to promote the Titicaca Lake as a natural wonder of the world and for other part, to work in order to decide some policies that could help empoverished population.
During the whole day in downtown La Paz, people were voting for Titicaca Lake and at Sun Island President Morales and all the State autohorities voted too. According to results, this Lake is occupying the first place in the category F about rivers and lakes. If you want to collaborate with your vote you can follow the link Titicaca Lake.
As mentioned, three resolutions were taken as a result of the meeting developed along the travel. One is the Decree about creation of the National Council of Cultures. Other Decree is concerned with a bonus to be given to pregnant women and to children between 0-2 years. During, his speech President Morales, remarked the decolonization process that is living Bolivia and an important part of this process is to recover the knowledge, history, literature, music and dance left by our ancestors.
Titicaca Lake has a special energy, energy which I hope could have filled in the hearts of our governors to continue working to benefit all the bolivian population.

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